Getting Ideas For New Brands

Any idea you are generating must be offering solution to a particular problem. If the solution is not meeting or solving a particular problem, then, it must be retooled, however finding the gap to be filled seems to be a great task.

For great ideas to be generated, there are methods below that entrepreneurs must look for. These methods are gaps that must be studied and filled. By so doing, you are adding to value and the value you created will be exchanged for value (money);

1. Limitations of what is currently available: one of the easiest ways to get idea to be branded is by providing resources, services that are currently limited. In a professional conference program held somewhere in Lagos, the facilitators did not provide a cafeteria for the participants. Whereas, the conference lasted for two weeks, one archaic cook emerged around, unbranded, not well packaged, conference participants would have to queue before they could buy their meals. Participants were tied and preferred to wait till they are through for the day. Abruptly another cook emerged, set round plastic tables with three plastic chairs around each plastic table. She kitted her waiter and tagged her cafeteria splendid experience. The cafeteria was truly splendid, organized and appealing. Imagine what happened, participants switched heavily to splendid experience.

2. Unfilled Niches: It takes a creative mind to identify an unfilled niche. Every environment has some unsolved problems that are begging for attention, people go through tight and thin daily so as to get their problem solved. In every majority there are minorities that will see situation from different perspective. You can carve a niche within that minority and dominate the niche you carved. It is always good to come up with a new category. For you to identify unfilled niches, do a little research, go from door-to-door, ask for their problem and see a way of solving those problems.

3. New and Different Approaches: This is the most common method of getting ideas for new brands. It is also called doing-it-better approach. It seldom produces new categories. It builds on what is already existing and making it better. This approach is what employees fall back on when they resigned to become entrepreneurs.

4. Trends and Changes: This is a long term approach of creating new ideas for new brands. It is a strategy of studying trends and changes of a particular system in a particular period, so as to know how it will operate in the near future. Trends and changes approach is often used by business moguls to amass wealth. In this approach, the outcome of the trend studied may be irrational but it is worthwhile. This is the reason, so many believe this is the best time to romance the stock market, because most stocks are at their nominal value that is, all stocks never go below its present value instead it will be appreciating.

5. Advances and Breakthroughs: this a rear approach of getting new ideas for new brands, although getting an idea through this method could fetch you life time riches. Getting idea for new brand through this method demands patience and extraordinary faith in God. It also demands continuous trial; you keep digging the same spot until you will suddenly breakthrough. It is a lonely path to greatness, because virtually all may not see and believe in what you are digging.

Following one of the above methods keenly will guard you to building a great idea. Perhaps you have generated a great idea as a result of studying the method, then planning follows. Design a business plan for the idea you have generated, write out a lucid vision, mission and core value to be attached to the idea. For that will keep the idea growing.

Evaluate the idea, so as to know your competition, your prospective customers, your barriers, product, how profitable the idea will be and the location to start from. The evaluation of the idea will help defining the techniques to be used to branding the idea.

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